Date: 2004.
Project: Peace Virus postcards for the book "Mail Me" from the Italian Fabrica.

What if we could spread peace as a virus sent by mail?

Peace Virus is a set of illustrations I created for the Mail Me book project, inspired by the Anthrax virus letters surge that happened after 9/11. I designed several virus structures composed by the letters of the word 'peace'. Then, I clustered the viruses such as in a Petri dish (I know, it's for bacteria and fungi), forming the shape of the world map.

Mail me is a multidisciplinary project that resulted from the research for the design of a mailbox developed by Fabrica for the Spanish company Bd Ediciones de Diseño. A group reflection to which many famous creators like Alan Fletcher, Reed Kram, Ed Fella, Enlightenment, Kazuiko Hachiya, Matali Crasset, Charlie White, Uwe Loesch, Oscar Mariné, el Bulli and Ora-ïto,  have added their personal experiences, general impressions, sublime visions, funny solutions and mental interpretations. The results are collected in a unique book published by Electa and a conceptual exhibition that will travel by post to various cities around the world.

Each page of the book is a detachable postcard that is ready to be sent by mail.

Mail Me Book
Published by Electa 2004
ISBN 8837028431
Full view, where we can see the whole world contaminated by the Peace virus.

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