Date: 2002.
Personal projects. Experiments and fun.
Since i was a kid, I always loved animation made with inanimate physical characters. Clay Barbapapas, Nick Park, Jan Švankmajer, Georges Méliès, Playmobil ads, etc., always fascinated me.

When I got my first decent digital camera, and some free time, I started to play with the technique. No formal training, just learning by doing.

The first stop motion experiment was "Jet to Brazil", made in 2002 in my tiny apartment in São Paulo. Many mistakes were made, and understanding why and learning how to avoid them was the main take away. "Lupinho - Fiat Lux" was the second experiment, the first with a story defined before starting!

Time-lapse is another technique close to my heart.
Movies like Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka changed my perception of time and the world. I did many experiments with time-lapse, from nature to brick-layer workers, but here I just included "From dust to dust" with an ice mobile phone, and the "Baby room" about the preparation for the arrival of my first son.
A creature of the darkness finds an eye and... Fiat Lux! But what to do with the new power from this discovery?
My first stop-motion animation, made with things I had around me. Story was created on the fly.
"From dust to dust" is a video illustration of the concept of a device that leaves no trace when thrown away. It becomes nourishment for the seed saved in its body. I deliberately decided against incorporating sound. Mixed technique: video, time-lapse and frame-by-frame illustration.
"Baby room" is a time-lapse made over several weeks of key moments in assembling my son's bedroom.

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