Date: 2021.
I was honored to be selected for the exhibit celebrating 20 years of the institution where I completed my master's in interaction design. I was part of the section Power of Ten. Find more details below, in the words of magazines and exhibit brochures. 

Exhibition Poster.

“(...) In 2000, between the Olivetti walls in Ivrea, an experimental school was founded, leading to the birth of Arduino and other incredible inventions intertwining information sciences and design. What many don’t know, however, is that the entire discipline of interaction design was born here, making services like car sharing or payments via app possible. Alumni of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) have gone on to reach the top of tech companies around the world, managing the design departments of companies like Hasbro, IBM, Trainline, Facebook Reality Labs, and the data collection agencies for the European Union.”

“In Turin, this story is recounted by Circolo del Design in an exhibit entitled EASY AS A KISS. Humanizing technology through design. Vision, story, and impact of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, curated by Jan-Christoph Zoels. The reasoning behind the title, he explains, is that interaction design is just as easy as a kiss — something you learn spontaneously and intuitively.”
— Read the full article at Elle Decor Magazine.

The Ivrea Institute, situated in Casa Blu designed in 1955 by Eduardo Vittorio and restored by Sottsass.

Humanizing Technology promo video.

Power of Ten section
“Among over 100 students who attended the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, we have selected 10. We have done so not only because they occupy prominent positions in important global companies, but also because their thesis work demonstrated a powerful and sharp vision. Some projects anticipated by decades platforms that became only later built and are now being used daily; others interpreted people's needs and habits to create innovative services; others pushed technologies to the limit or extrapolated their established use.”
— Translated from the Italian brochure.

The Power of Ten exhibit section, with interviews playing sequentially on the monitors.  

Page of the exhibit brochure about the 10 designers selected for the Power of Ten section. 

La Stampa interview

Interview for the newspaper La Stampa of Turin. 

High-resolution version for reading. 

Photos of the exhibit

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