Illywords magazine - Passion edition
Freelancer 2003. Cover and 2 internal pages.
IllyWords is an art & design magazine run by Illy Coffee in Italy, published twice a year.

Each issue of illywords is illustrated with images by students from schools of art and design throughout the world, who turn the magazine into their own laboratory of personal and collective creativity.

During my masters at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, they offered students the opportunity to illustrate the 4th edition, which had the theme "Passion". I won the contest, having one of my illustrations on the cover. They also liked my two other submissions and placed them on internal pages.

For several years, the magazine has published dialogues, opinions and points of view on themes dear to a company living in the contemporary world.  Topics have covered space, courage, dreams, multiculturalism, awareness, chaos and the non-linear path of knowledge, to name just a few.

Visit the online version of Illiwords #4 Passion.
Cover of Illiwords #4 Passion. "Everytime I have a heart attack I get a new clot"
Internal page. "Conflicts of Passion".
Internal page. "I hate you, I love you".

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