Date: 2005.
Client: Lov.e
Product: The Magic Card marketing campaign was created to promote the Accor Hotels rewards program.
Customers were mailed a card made of blue transparent film accompanied by an invitation to visit the Compliments Rewards program site. Once in the site, an illegible landing page was presented. Customers were instructed to use the card as a lens through which to view the site. With the card in front of their eyes, a whole new layer of meaning was revealed, transforming mundane work routine scenes to leisure landscapes.

As the Creative Director on this project, I designed and created the special color palette that would generate the desired effect with the transparent blue film and also created all of the illustrations.

This campaign made the shortlist in Cannes 2005.
Try it by yourself. Find a transparent blue or green film and visit the Magic Card site.

Video simulating the site experience. I screen captured the site and added the blue film overlay in Final Cut.

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