Date: 2005.
Product: HP R&D - light behaviors as branding.

IDEO was asked to research and help to develop light behaviors that would add emotional value to HP home devices (printers, laptops, TV and digital cameras). The light behaviors should enhance functionality and enable customization and fun. The behaviors should be innovative and unique enough to add to HP branding.

The team explored several ideas: Bluetooth pairing feedback, powering on a device and customizable light glyphs on the back of a laptop cover. We also did some research on laser etching with patterns on the back of laptops covers.
Storyboard of how light behaviors and customization can work together to communicate device pairing and ownership.
Storyboard of how Bluetooth pairing could be done by touching particular hot-spots of devices together.
This video, originally a Flash interactive piece, communicates how light, form and color could be used to communicate Bluetooth pairing and also signal quality.
Storyboard showing how a device can provide feedback on demand, by touching specific areas.
This video, made in After Effects, explores how we can add a playful animation to change the perception of lagging and delay when powering on a device. The animation would flash the existing button LEDs in a fluid order, from the power button (as if the user provides 'life' with his touch) to the information screen, ending with a HP vignette.
Storyboard showing light feedback for port connections.

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