CGAP (World Bank) asked IDEO to work with the Brazilian bank BRADESCO to develop a mobile pre-paid payment system to promote financial inclusion and healthy financial behaviors to the unbanked.

In Brazil we still have 55 millions of people that don't have bank accounts. There are federal bank accounts available to very low income people, but many choose to not use financial services due to fees and the preference for the liquidity and simplicity of cash. The solution had to be very simple, use pre-smart phone devices and have no or little cost to consumers. 83% of payments under R$20 are paid in cash.

For this project we did field research in poor areas (class D and E) in the periphery of Recife. We learned early on that savings is not a cultural construct in Brazil. The current behavior around savings is linked to avoiding spending and finding great deals. 

IDEO created a strategy for launching a pre-paid mobile payment service in Brazil. Loyalty would be stimulated by offering consumers to collect a small amount of money from each purchase transaction that would ease unexpected expenses for those consumer with very tight budgets.
We  provide clarity and sense of control at the same time. 
The use of color coded messages allow users to have different levels of reading a message, being information by itself.
If an unexpected need occurs, people can tap into the piggy at any time.  
There is no penalty for using this money, but customers will receive less back in cell phone interest that month.
Bradesco and Claro launched "Meu Dinheiro Claro" early 2013, with the famous soccer player Ronaldo as spokesperson.

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