Date: 2009.
Product: eBay DIY Guides. An o
nline authoring tool for creation of step-by-step guides.
The Do-it-Yourself guides project started when I approached a Business Development colleague and proposed building this online authoring tool that would leverage my experience with VUVOX and position eBay as a leader on important strategical auto enthusiasts segments - DIY and Do-It-For-Me.

DIY guides allow sellers to promote and feature the parts and accessories they are selling. Showing customers how to install the products they have listed on eBay Motors in an engaging and informative slideshow give their listings a clear advantage over their competition.

The guides are fully embeddable into any eBay listing or website, making them a powerful tool to entice customers to visit and stay on the website. Creators can earn extra money with the Affiliate Program.

If users have a special tip, trick or technique, they can share it with other members of the auto enthusiast community, showing how they have repaired or modified their vehicle. Those users can get paid for specialized content and from sales originated from their guide.

This tool was designed to enable extension of the guides to areas beyond eBay Motors, being a generic step-by-step tool. It is flexible enough to work for very basic guides with few steps, as well as with complex guides with several steps and sub-steps. 
DIY Guides ecosystem diagram. Guides would integrate with Product pages and Dynamic Landing Pages. Embedded guides would direct external traffic to this system.
Test pilot home page.
Authoring tool: Cover page.
Authoring tool: chapter page. Layout has 'chapters' on top and 'sub-steps' on the left column. On the right there is a column with all user's media. Media items are draggable to content area in the center. On clicking in the text area, users can add tips, caution and danger notes.
Authoring tool: image tools. On click, extra tools for picture editing become available. Users can highlight areas, point to specific objects with arrow annotations and change window cropping (zoom & pan).
Authoring tool: area highlight. Example of an area hot-spot with annotation.
DIY Guide page. Parts and tools listed in the guide would be linked to eBay inventory. If the guide creator also sells that part on eBay, his/her product would be surfaced first. Guides that address similar subjects would be sorted by consumer ratings.

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