Date: 2010.
Product: eBay Search Results page redesign. 
Cleaning up and providing a better visual hierarchy.
The Search Results page is arguably the most important page of eBay. It is where the user selects what they are looking for, refines the results and decide whether to learn more about an item, or not.

   Access statistics from one week are:

   646,981,894 Impressions
   215,441,285 Finding Attempts
   702,941,825  Clicks (32,628 / 10k F.A.)

I redesigned the page, removing unnecessary boxes, lines and text. I made sure that secondary functions were experienced as secondary, and that advanced features would not get into the way of the basic user. Color was toned down to emphasize Images and links. Large images increased the briefing space and enabled faster visual scanning (around 150ms per item). Overall, by A/B testing, the new Search Results page design improved the page evaluation time by 1.4% and increased Purchases Per Visitor Per Week by 1.2%.
Search Results page before and after the redesign.
Full Search Results page, with some rollover states.
The new side-by-side view. This is a feature that specially pleases more advanced users that want to compare the Buy It Now price with auctions ending soon.
Updated Gallery View.

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